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Put a Spring in Your Step: Styling your Home with Mustard this Season

If you are looking to spruce up your home this Spring, the colour mustard – a sort of darker yellow, could be the way to go. Mustard is a colour we are seeing more often in interior designs and the reason is that it really adds light and depth into a room, without having the ‘harshness’ that bright yellows can often bring.

Paint a feature wall – You might consider painting one wall in mustard to make a statement piece. The living room and dining room are good areas for mustard because they work well with most furniture colours, especially tones of brown, black, white and beige, as well as any kinds of wood – oak, mahogany or pine.

You can then choose to paint the other walls in toning colours. Mustard works well with lighter colours of yellow or cream, especially ‘honey’ colours, as well as greys and even light blues if you want a contrast. Ideal Home suggest also using wallpaper that has mustard in it for a unique look. They say “Gentle additions of yellow, in patterned wallpaper, look just as good as a block colour. Choose pretty floral-printed paper to team with soft neutrals for a subtle take on the trend.”

Add accessories – You might not want to take on the task of painting, but would still like to inject a mustard feel into your room. Think about vases and picture frames that have this colour in them. If you have a rather plain room to spruce up, mustard coloured pillows or cushions for your armchair are a great way to go.

Lighting – You can also get a deeper yellowy feel in your lighting. Consider changing the bulb colour in a lamp or grab some fairy lights that have that mustard feel. It can really create a cosy atmosphere.

Flowers – It is Spring, so why not grab some daffodils and put them in a vase on the table. These pops of yellow colour can transform the feel of a room. You can also pick up artificial flowers if you want a look which doesn’t ever wilt!

Curtains – You can get some fantastic patterned curtains which can frame a window and instantly transform the feel of a room. If you are not sure about getting completely mustard curtains, you can choose some that just have hints of mustard, like mustard flowers or a slight geometric mustard feel. These are both very much in style at the moment.

Mustard furniture – If you want to go bold, why not invest in a mustard coloured armchair? This can add a real funky and fresh feel to the room. This might not be so cheap to pick up, so you might also consider getting some mustard fabric and re-coating an older armchair for an up-styling project.

If you are struggling with interior design ideas and want a complete re-vamp in your home or a property that you own, why not consider getting a furnishing company involved, to take the stress off you.