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Getting ready for Spring – How to re-decorate without spending a fortune

The Spring season often has us desperate to rejuvenate our homes. If the traditional Spring clean just isn’t cutting it, you may be considering decorating a room in your home to help see in the new season. What’s better than a newly decorating and fresh feeling room to enjoy? Here’s some tips for decorating without spending a fortune:

#1 Re-use old furniture

You may want to fill your newly decorated room with new furniture, but have you considered re-dressing your existing furniture? You can re-coat an old armchair with some fresh new fabric for a fraction of the cost. You might also consider sanding down any wood tables, such as an oak coffee table, and repainting it to a fresher colour. It can totally transform your old furniture items and won’t cost you as much, either.

#2 Pick your paint wisely

Don’t guess at paint colours – invest a little time getting tester pots and try out different colours before committing to one. Otherwise, you may paint a whole room and then a few days later decide you don’t like it, wasting a lot of money (and time!) You need to be completely happy with that colour before painting your whole room in it. Try putting testers of paint on different walls and look at them in different lights to see how the colours come across.

#3 Choose accessories

A lot of re-designing a room is in the accessories you choose, and ultimately how you ‘dress’ a room. You can pick up accessories for minor costs at most supermarkets and homeware departments. Try sticking to one theme or colour, as this will draw a room together. House Beautiful says you might consider adding pillows, "Pillows are one of the easiest and quickest ways to experiment with colour. The turquoise and plum are an atypical combination, but they unexpectedly complement each other. They're a great contrast with the neutral background, and they break up the sea of beige," according to Sheila Bridges.

#4 Add art

House Beautiful also says that there is no need to spend a fortune on a museum piece, but a work of art you love can become the accessory that defines a room. Consider a print or poster, or something else you love. You can get it framed relatively inexpensively and it can make your room look full and interesting.

#5 Consider disposable pieces

You don’t have to commit to thee pieces forever. Fruit or flowers picked up at a market are a small change that can make a big difference. So why not change up the fruit bowl or where you put the flowers – don’t feel fixed to one thing. It can really reflect the time of year (Spring time daffodils, for instance) and change the mood of the space.

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