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Practical Ideas to Get Your Property Ready For Autumn

It’s that time of year where we say goodbye to summer and hello to the fresh new autumn season.

Autumn will signal cooler weather, colourful trees and a new feel at home. So what can we do to prepare our homes for the autumn? Here are a few ideas to consider:

Check your doors/windows: You will want to ensure there are no leaks in your home now, to avoid costly jobs later. Any draft can contribute to a less energy efficient home, so if you can’t afford new doors or sealant, how about getting a colourful draft excluder for your external doors?

Ensure your thermostat is working: You haven’t used it over the summer, so make sure your heating is up to scratch. It is recommended to get your boiler serviced once a year. Setting your heating to be lower at night or when you’re not home can really help you save a lot on utility bills. If you are concerned about how high your heating bills might be this winter, try a few money-saving tips for reducing your energy usage.

Clean the gutters: We are going to get a lot more rain this season, so check those gutters and ensure nothing is going to clog the pipes when we get rainfall. Also, check over your roof while you are up there! If you are worried about doing this, consider getting a professional to help you. They will charge you a fee but it is worth it for the upkeep of your property.

Get ready for power outages: We may see a few power cuts this season, so get those candles and torches ready. Many people like to put candles throughout their home in these cooler months anyway, as it can feel cosy and warming- a perfect part of your autumn décor!

Make sure to test your fire alarm: You may start lighting the fireplace more frequently this season, as well as burning those pretty candles. So it’s a good idea to replace the batteries in all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide devices you have. Test them to make sure they’re working properly.

Buy more firewood: If you gather your own firewood, make sure it’s dry and stored properly, ready to use. You can also buy firewood from some suppliers online.

Put away any garden furniture: Remember to clean any garden benches or furniture that you have before storing it over the winter. A dry garage is a good place to store these items, so they stay in one piece for next summer. You really don’t want any of your nice pieces to be ruined!

If you are looking for a brand new furniture range for your home or another property this autumn, consider Get Fully Furnished to help you kit out an entire house, stress-free! You can choose bespoke packages as well as curtains and lighting to help you create just the look you want.