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Get the look: Nautical theming

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There are so many trends that you might admire for your home, but “nautical” is one theme that is gaining rapid popularity. The great thing about this trend is that it is easy to adapt into your home, in any room, on any kind of scale. For instance, you might just want to add a ‘nod’ to the seaside into your hallway, or you might want to go all out and have a real nautical themed bedroom. Whatever you are thinking of, these ideas can be easy to incorporate:

1.       Toning. You might automatically think of blue when you want to repaint your room. However, there are so many tones that look great and still have a beach feel. Sand colours, pastel pinks, off-whites and tonal greys are all popular options. It is a good idea to paint a few squares of different coloured paints across the wall so you can see how you like them.

2.       Curtains. If you don’t want to splash out too much, adding simply a new pair of curtains can instantly add a beach feel to your home. You can find many different patterns on the internet, including little seagulls, sailing boats or beach huts. You can be brave and opt for a bolder pattern if you choose simpler fabrics elsewhere in the room. The same goes for wallpaper – you could choose one statement wall and have some busier looking wallpaper to truly showcase your nautical theme.

3.       Accessories. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on accessories. Candles are a great way to add some nautical theming into the room. Pillar candles and tea lights are particularly good. If you are dressing a garden room or conservatory, a string of solar fairy lights can also be a good addition. Many homeware stores also have nautical themed accessories that you can pick up for relatively little money. Think large knots, circular ‘port hole’ mirrors, yacht ornaments and so on. Shells are also a good idea – or a well-placed bowl of rocks and coral from the beach. Why not get some next time you’re at the seaside for free?

4.       Art work. Of course nothing says the beach like a picture of the beach! There are plenty of canvases and framed prints you can buy which have images of the sea on them. What would be really great is if you created a unique piece and had your own picture framed. Think of your favourite holiday or seaside destination and get it blown up onto canvas – it will instantly create the beach look and hold memories for you, too.

5.       Furniture. You can pick up off-white sofas, grey armchairs, coffee tables with ‘knotted’ wood effect, and other items of furniture from most homeware stores. The amount you spend is up to you. Remember furniture has to be practical for you, so don’t go all-out on style. You can also add more of a nautical look by throwing a fluffy, comfortable looking blanket off the arm of one of the chairs. Shabby chic is a good look if you want to recreate beach vibes!

Can’t create it yourself? If you are struggling with design ideas, why not consider getting a furnishing company involved, to take the stress off you. They can suggest bold and subtle changes which can transform the look of your home.