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Best Autumn Winter 2018 Interior Design Trends

If you are thinking of giving your home a facelift, and want something that looks bang on trend, then consider the following points in your design plans. We are likely to see more of these trends across the high street and in interior design magazines as the seasons draw closer. Despite looking somewhat expensive at first glance, by shopping around you could achieve the same look for a fraction of the price – achieved by using online auction sites, homeware store sales and even having a go at making something yourself.

Trend 1 – Oversized florals

We have seen this trend on wallpaper before, but we are likely to see big roses and other flowers appear across curtains, armchairs and cushions much more. This look is a kind of pre-Raphaelite style and you’ll find them in all rooms including on bedding in bedrooms, and even tiles on bathrooms. It is an easy look to achieve and not too expensive either. It suits smaller and bigger rooms, and can transform a home in an instant.

Trend 2 – Gold

We have seen a lot of gold and metallic styles this summer, and this trend is likely to increase in autumn/winter. Think small accessories, like candle holders and coasters, if you don’t want to go all-out. However, if you want to make a statement, try a gold mural on your main wall in your living room. This can create real impact, looking luxurious and complimenting other colours in your home too.

Trend 3 – Black

People are afraid of black, but it can create a real impact in your house. It can add depth to your room and can even make a room look bigger, contrary to popular belief. This Guardian article says that “Dark colours make such a great backdrop for lots of different textures and colours, such as coloured glass.” The advice in this article is “You need to be confident and just go for it…Don’t be put off by people who say it’ll look awful. If you don’t like it, you can always paint over it.” If you don’t want to paint a whole wall black, why not consider paintings or smaller items to obtain the same look without the drastic change.

Trend 4 – Vintage Scandi

We have seen a lot of the Scandi fashion recently, and this season we get a little re-vamp of this style with a vintage twist. We will see a lot of floral Scandi tableware and pictures, evoking feelings of 1950s nostalgia. You can introduce this look into your rooms easily and fairly affordably by shopping smaller, unique items like lampshades, which can achieve the same effect. Curtains are also a good choice for this trend as the lighter, neutral background colours can be light and bright around a window.

Trend 5 – Geometric Navy

Geometrics has been very on-trend lately, but a more sophisticated version of this style is the navy/gold geometric look. You can find repeated geometric patterns on a dark, seductive navy background on wallpaper, cushions, bedding and curtains. The look is perfect for a cosy winter and teams well with most furniture and existing items.

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