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5 Top Interior Design Myths


If you are about to redecorate a room or area in your home, then you may be worried about taking the plunge. Is the colour you have chosen too daring? Will there be enough light in the room? Do the fabrics or textiles clash? Here, we look at a few design myths to help you shake off your previous misconceptions and get that great space you have always dreamed of:

Myth 1 - You should always paint your ceiling white

As discussed on howstuffworks, “Painting the ceiling two shades lighter than the wall colour can help smaller rooms feel more airy and spacious. But if the room is already cavernous and you want to give it more of a cozy feel, choose a darker colour to give the illusion of bringing the ceiling down.” Try experimenting with colours or different shades of white.

Myth 2 – Light colours make spaces look bigger

This isn’t always the case. Although a room can appear lighter when it is painted in a bright pale colour, adding a bit of darkness or colour to a room can help highlight some areas and bring some depth to the room. Eyes will have a fixed point to take interest in. So, don’t be shy when it comes to paint colours. Get a few testers and be brave with your choices – you never know, you could end up stumbling across something spectacular!

Myth 3- Furniture has to match

In many cases, we feel that textures, colours and furniture within a room should all match. However, mismatching items are quite on-trend, and can create interest in your room. It can be nice to have a few key staple matching pieces, like the coffee table and side tables, for instance. But beyond that, don’t be afraid to mix and match. Also, don’t worry about choosing ‘bigger’ furniture items. This doesn’t necessarily mean you will swamp a room. Big items can make statement pieces. If you need help with your furniture choices, contact a furniture company to help you, like

Myth 4 – Sofas need to be against a wall

If you are re-shuffling your furniture, don’t be afraid about putting your sofas in different positions. Many people leave their sofas where they are (usually against a wall) and this can make a room appear stagnant, especially if they have been this way for years. By moving sofas around a little, you can move around in the space differently and really enjoy living in a new way. Also, consider corner sofas or flexible modular sofas so that you can mix things up when you want a quick change.

Myth 5 – You need to go high-end

You don’t always need to buy the very best, or the most expensive items to make your home look good. Many supermarkets and home department stores offer some fantastic wallpapers, furniture, paint and accessories which are kind on the pocket. You can browse many of these stores online and even get them sent directly to you. You can pick up some bargain pieces in the sales too, which usually take place seasonally.