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5 of the Top Trends for 2018


This year, new or re-worked design trends are popping up everywhere, making it the perfect time to find inspiration for your home. Whether you want to totally re-vamp your home, or you are just keen to change up a few things to stop you from getting stuck in a style rut, these top 5 trends are key ideas you can draw from:


A little 70s, yes, but still modern? Of course. Many people are bringing geometric trends back into their homes with a fresh twist. We did see this in 2017 but now geometric designs can also be seen on rugs, art, cushions and throws in most homeware stores.  If you want to go all out, geometric wallpaper is a good idea. You can create a feature with some funky wallpaper in all kinds of fresh colours. Mustard is particularly popular. Team this with blues or tones of turquoise for a fantastic look.


You might not have green fingers, but you can still give your home a floral boost by investing in artificial plants and foliage. One particular trend we are seeing is having plants hang from the ceiling in a small pot, allowing you to leave workspaces free and create an interesting design. You can also buy low maintenance plants from your local garden centre and keep them on windowsills in bright coloured pots (think about adding ‘pops’ of colour.)

#3 – OMBRE

Ombre isn’t just hot with hair at the moment! Ombre wallpaper seems to be creeping into many home stores. Think subtle pinks and greys which fade gradually down the wall. You can also add ombre into your life by placing ombre artwork on the walls. Ombre adds a relaxed vibe to your home and can fit in well if you don’t want a complete re-paint of the room!


Last year, we saw a lot of bronze. Although this is still popular, gold is now also making a bit of a comeback. You can add gold touches to your rooms easily. Think about getting gold coasters, or a gold photo frame. You don’t need to go all out, so if you don’t feel brave enough, try smaller items first.


We are seeing lots of tropical prints in fashion at the moment – all the high street shops seem to be selling tropical printed dresses for women or shorts for men. In many cases, the world of clothes fashion and homeware fashion seem to mimic each other. Why not try and add tropical prints into the home. You can pick up some fantastic bedspreads with palm leaves on. The bolder, the better. You could also incorporate this idea into cushions or art work. You don’t need to have a repaint for this to work – even plainer backgrounds work well when you add tropical items to them.

You might also consider getting a furnishing company to help you add some unique items to your newly designed rooms. Furniture plays a key part in any room and would need to work around whatever trend you try to incorporate!